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My name is Nicola Kloosterman and I create collage using scraps of collected paper and fragments of images that speak to me. I am especially interestend in shape and color, the female body, hands, botanicals, and vintage printed material. I like to use a lot of negative space and my images are always quite airy and light. I like to think of myself as an explorer and a wanderer. The proces of finding images in the torrent of our daily visual communications, carefully excavating them and them recycling them into a new context and narrative is always exiting as I never know where I may end up. I try to stay in artistic shape by making as much as I can, I share my proces over at ohdecollage. Follow me there for the lastest work and news.  

Each collage begins with a single image or piece of paper. I slice, combine, reduce and compose until a new visual narrative emerges on my paper reflecting the incomprehensible, the invisible, the immeasurable and the infinite. 

I love creating pieces from a brief, so if you would like to work with me, give me a shout over at:


lets make some magic.